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💀 Deadlines, 👻 Professional Prompts, and a👺Post-Mortem Wasteland

Jason Theodor


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Creativity is the act of connecting things in exceptional ways. — Jason Theodor

👋 Hello, createors*!

Welcome to the inaugural edition of The Creative Algorithm! Let’s not waste any time, and dive right into it.

What is The Creative Algorithm? Well, since I profess that “creativity is the act of connecting things in exceptional ways,” then the algorithm is derived from its three core operators: action, connection, and exception.

Action demands you to do more (+).

Connection asks you to think better (>).

Exception requires you to be different (≠).

That’s it! If you can follow this (simple yet difficult) formula of “more better different,” you’re well on your way to unlocking your creative abilities.

And that’s the purpose of this newsletter: to provide you with a continuous string of keys until you pop those locks. I expect this communication to evolve, as all things do, but for now, there will be three distinct sections, each relating to an ‘operator’ (+, >, and ≠) of the creative algorithm. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy putting it together!

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