🐀🏢 I don’t ever want to work at a big company again

or How this country mouse is done with the rat race

Jason Theodor


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I don’t want to sit in an expensive office or at an ergonomic desk trying to look busy between very specific hours of the day.

I don’t want someone analyzing my timesheets every week, and comparing them to my salary and how much I’ve contributed to sales.

I don’t want to wait in a meeting room, ten times a day, for the person who called the meeting in the first place.

I don’t want to share a bathroom with people who don’t wash their hands.

I don’t want the stress of going on vacation knowing that I’ll have to work twice as hard the week before and the week after to make up for it.

I don’t want to skip research because the client ‘already knows’ what people want.

I don’t want to wait in rain and snow for a late streetcar to then spend forty minutes standing and jostled by strangers, hanging onto a pole twice a day while thumbing through emails and hoping that my phone won’t die.

I don’t want to be told that someone couldn’t say no to the client, so now we just have to suffer through a week of unpaid overtime.

I don’t want to continuously answer the question, “Why can’t we just leverage the artifacts from our previous engagement?”

I don’t want to hear “let’s take this offline” or “let’s get on the same page” or “keep me honest.”

I don’t want to act like I’m in a family but know that in the end I am being judged by my fiscal performance, not my actual worth.


Tell me I’m privileged.

Tell me I’m crazy.

Tell me that’s the price of business.

All of these things may be true.

But I still don’t ever want to work at a big company again.

Author’s note: If you think you can change my mind, here’s a link to my resume, because I’m running low on cash and my Amazon shopping list won’t pay for itself…

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